Paul White “Shaker Notes” Review


New artist or an artist quite new to me, released his new album “Shaker Notes” on monday 29th September via Belgian label R&S ( Early Aphex Twin, Lone, James Blake, etc) His name is Paul White, and no, he is no relation to Jai Paul, or any other Paul I know of. But he is also from London. His album is a hypnotic blend of electronic, bluesy, middle eastern, and jazz music.

It kicks of with “All We Know” A nice start to the album filled with guitars, brass, and ghostly vocals. But nothing to extreme, then it breaks into the first vocals, which is just him saying “all I know is what I know” It starts of the album really well, then afterwards it goes straight into his singles “Where You Gonna Go?” and “Honey Cats”. “Where You Gonna Go?” sounds like a slow easy ride, then just becomes even easier as it breaks into all these funky elements. but you can still stay seated! “Honey Cats” is a real bluesy, deserty (thats not even a word) its like you’re walking through a desert trying to find something you’ve lost. The album then stays on this nice slow pace, only to be pick up again by “Fighting To Dance” which really does what it says, its full of middle eastern, jazz grooves and roaring synths, it sounds like a ultra modern version of Yusef Lateef’s “Eastern Sounds” (An amazing album by the way).  Then after it goes back into its bluesy, electronic, ghostly feel, which is again just so nice, and different! “Numbers Of Change” Then just comes up and it hits you, this one being the hardest track on the album. But is a perfect addition what with R&S’s back catalogue of hard dance music.

But all in all “Shaker Notes” is an amazing blend of music which really brings forward so many influences and beautiful songs , in what I think should make people go and listen to some middle eastern music!

You can listen to the album on band camp

Key tracks: Where You Wanna Go? and Fighting To Dance



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