Caribou “Our Love” Review


So Caribou is back after a 4 year break (sort of) his 7th album “Our Love” is released on Monday via City Slang (Arcade Fire) but its available to stream on iTunes now!

Caribou first came to my attention when I saw his last album “Swim” getting write ups everywhere. So I thought i’d give it a listen and it was excellent with tracks like “Odessa” with its funky grooves, I couldn’t get enough, and I still can’t. So when Caribou announced “Our Love” I wanted to hear it right away, seeing as he hadn’t released an album in 4 years. Well sort of. He’d been releasing songs  under a new guise called Daphni on a new label he started called Jiaolong and released “Jiaolong” which is much more dance floor related, compared to Caribou releases.

The first song that came with “Our Love” was and of course still is the amazing “Can’t Do Without You” which is getting played everywhere, from radio, small clubs, to festivals, and with its steady rise and baseline it end’s sweaty rave nights perfectly, its been one of the ultimate summer hits!

“Our Love” has collaborations with fellow Canadian musicians Owen Pallet (who he released a Daphni track with called “Julia” which you should also check out!) and Jessy Lanza, who is singed to Kode9’s Hyperdub. It starts with the smash it “Can’t Do Without You’ and things just get better from there with tracks “Sliver” and “All I Ever Need” which are also as dancey (Not a word, but you get what I mean) in there own way. Then comes “Our Love” which features Owen Pallets strings and things go really hard from there the track starts of quite chilled out, with the strings following in and out. Then it goes into a real house beat and feet start moving! Then a nice 2 minute separation with “Dive” then the Jessy Lanza track starts “Second Chance” and her RnB vocals come in and take you on a electronic, psychedelic wave. “Julia Brightly” is a upbeat garage groove, with the synths racing through. “Mars” is a almost tribal track with flutes and percussion, coming from every direction. It ends our “Your Love Will Set You Free” what sounds like “All I Ever Need” Its a really nice finish to the album with Pallets strings coming in again to say goodbye.

“Our Love” on a whole is an another amazing Caribou album with its psychedelic, electronic and dance grooves taking you in lots of directions, but still having a sense of where you’re going.


Key Tracks: “Can’t Do Without You” “Our Love” “Second Chance”


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