Damon Albarn “Everyday Robots” Review


I don’t know why I haven’t listened to this album sooner, I think I just forgot about it. But a bigger question is why Damon Albarn hasn’t released a debut solo album sooner, with the amount of music he’s involved with you’d think he would of wrote one years ago. Graham Coxon (blur) has released 8 solo albums during and after blur. But maybe now just felt right for Albarn, what with most resent work with Bobby Womack and Richard Russell (XL Recordings owner)  on “The Bravest Man In The Universe” and Gorillaz work influencing him a lot more with progression of sounds and genres.

“Everyday Robots” came out on 24th April 2014, so the first half of the year. signed to XL (Adele, White Stripes, MIA etc) and his regulars Parlophone (Gorillaz, The Beatles etc) “Everyday Robots” starts on its title track “Everyday Robots” which is a some what cold and depressing melody talking about phones and getting old. It stays in your head for days, which is good. Because it should, it opens the album really well, with all these strings, blips and Albarns of so noticeable voice, letting you know its him. “Hostiles” again a slow track but backed with a lovely piano (or what really sounds like one) I still carry’s on this cold depressing theme. “Lonely Press Play” enters with lovely steel pans and piano and claps, telling you “when you’re lonely press play” and the music will make you feel better. “Mr Tembo” gets more upbeat with starting with a catchy guitar making you bob your head, full of amazing backing vocals by The Laytonstone City Mission Choir, making you a bit more happier! “The Selfish Giant” it starts with this almost haunting , jazzy piano and drum beats. which bring the album back to its cold slow self, with these themes of isolation and loneliness. Then this radar sound comes in with “You & Me” and Albarn singing about September then these steel drums come in and it takes you on a warm Caribbean voyage, then its goes back into Albarn now talking about travelling, with everything coming together really well. “Photographs (You Are Taking Now)” contains a sample ofThe Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on The Tibetan Book of the Dead by Timothy Leary and is a track about photographs and how we just send them and don’t really care about them, as you should. “The History Of A Cheating Heart” is an acoustic track what fits into the album perfectly near the end with its lyrics of cheating to bring all these elements back. “Heavy Seas Of Love” starts happy, its like you’ve been though this really hard time lonely time, only to finally come out happy and smiling again at the end. It ends the cold album on a warm happy note!

I’ve always been a fan of Damon Albarn and Blur. I love the fact they don’t or didn’t fear change and experimenting with new sounds constantly pushing down walls, from the early baggy stuff of “Leisure” to the middle eastern parts in “Think Tank” and the same goes with Gorillaz and again to Damon’s debut, its not what you’d expected, but you’re not surprised but not disappointed.

“We are everyday robots getting old”


Key Tracks: “Everyday Robots” “Lonely Press Play” “Mr Tembo” & “You & Me”


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