Listen To: Phil Weeks

The other week I discovered a DJ/Producer named Phil Weeks who is French and makes house music, some which is chilled and some which is very more dance floor orientated full of more claps and harder bass. Its all good music making you move your feet! He has released quite a lot from his begins in 1996 and its quite different from a lot of other french stuff I listen to take Daft Punk, Brodinski, Gessaffelstein and the Ed Banger crew, Weeks’s stuff is much more american based I feel.

So at the start of the year he released his “Live At Palladium” EP on Robsoul (which he owns) which is 3 beautiful cuts of soul tracks.

The title track “Live At Palladium” features a beautiful Marvin Gaye sample of his “Come Get To This” from his…you guessed it “Live At The London Palladium” album. It’s been sampled so well and just adds a nice little groove to the song, making it more dancey (not a word)

The next track, which is my personal favourite of the three is “You Want My Love” which samples the track “Can’t Hide Love” by soul/funk group Creative Source, Weeks also sampled them on one of his older tracks “By My Side” it’s a belter of a track. It starts with the amazing drum loops, then it goes into all the samples flutes and, then the vocals slowly come in, then they go in full force getting everyone to sing along!

The final track is lot my heavier on instruments like the drums, it’s the most different track on the EP, I feel it doesn’t really fit in with the other two tracks.

So check out Phil Weeks, like now!


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