Review: Jamie T “Carry on the Grudge”



Jamie T came back this year after having a casual 5 years off,  and last month he released his 3rd studio album titled “Carry on the Grudge” released on Virgin (You know that really big one)

I got into Jamie T after hearing “Sheila” back in about 2008/9 and like him straight away, he just felt quite fresh for me, what with all these indie bands coming out and he was this new “one man” act who had so much to give. When I heard the new albums first single “Don’t You Find” I didn’t really like it at first, as I felt it had been done before and it was quite chilled out for Jamie T, what with his normal quite trashy guitars and all that. But After listening to it with the rest of the album its amazing.

“Carry on the Grudge” starts with “Limits Lie” what sounds like at first is coming out of an old radio then breaks into this amazing production and Jamie comes in singing away, the track brings this whole new style to Jamie, but its chorus is pure Jamie which we remember from before, it opens the album so well. Next comes “Don’t You Find” It starts really electronic and bass heavy, and these roaring/waving synths come in, then all these oohing and ahhhrings (not a word) its an amazing track (definitely a grower). Up next is “Turn On The Light”its starts quite quick with Jamie’s talking/singing taking like his rushing somewhere, then the chorus slows down again, by now you defiantly know its the Jamie T we all know and love. “Zombie” one of the smash singles from the album. Is an catchy groovy indie dance floor banger. Which brings all your teenage nostalgia back. “The Prophet” carries on the classic Jamie route we all love, at first it minded me of a blur track. “Mary Lee’ carry’s on this theme in having some girl in his albums like “Sheila” in “Panic Prevention” and “Emily’s Heart” in “Kings & Queens” it still carries on this classic Jamie. “Trouble” is really twangy and bluesy, catchy, chorus fuelled anthem. “Rabbit Hole” is quite aggressive and in your face like nothing is going to stop it, again full of catchy backing vocals and guitars. “Peter” starts very Iggy Pop, garage rock like, Then just brakes into this angry rant about some man called Peter (I don’t think peter likes this song).  Next is “Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away” a lovely short acoustic ballad, which could easily become one of your favourite Jamie T songs, packed with layers of sound its amazing. Penultimate track “Murder The Crows” is a lovely chilled out track full of lovely percussion and strings which brings the album near close. “They Told Me It Rained” starts like a western, like the end of a film. Its takes you into the amazing production full of synthy (not a word, I think it should be) goodness and one last catchy chorus to see you off.

“Carry on the Grudge” is a reminder that you can you go away for a while, and people will keep on waiting for your return and when you do, its like you’ve never been away. But you’ve found a new style, which still isn’t to far from what we already had.


Key Tracks: “Don’t You Find” “Trouble” “Rabbit Hole” & “Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away”


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