Review: Huxley “Blurred”


I first heard of Huxley at around spring last year, when one of my friends played me his dance floor hit “Box Clever” released back in 2012 on 2020 Vision. I loved it, its hard hitting bass and melodic chords it was perfect. I then got the chance to see him at The Warehouse Project last year for Heidi’ presents Jackathon, which had an insane lineup, and is still one of the best nights i’ve had out. But Huxley smashed it, his set was just full of this garage based house and 90s chords and to finish it he played CeCe Peniston’s “Finally” which ended the the night perfectly! Enough of The Warehouse Project though. Huxley at the end of last year released his first EP on AUS (Joy Orbison, Midland, Glimpse, etc) and it was amazing, more of this dark, garage house productions. He announced “Blurred” back in july, just before his “The Machine” EP came out, and I wanted it to be october straight away! Blurred is  released on AUS/!K7 I think AUS first LP release too.  The album features Femme, Obenewa, Yasmin, S-Man and Thomas Gandey.

The album kicks of with the dreamy, early dance floor track “I Want You” and it gets stuck in your head, with “I want you” just repeating. Its an amazing album opener, filled with deep bass and strings drifting though out the track. Incomes “Barne Dance” next with its wobbly bass and echoing drums, it then picks up and becomes fully dance floor ready. with symbols hitting every where. “Give 2 U” which features Femme is a heavy, soulful, drum break filled track it could easily have the dance floor singing along! “MXR” is a building fast paced drum and bass track, to me it just filler with it only being 2:27 long it doesn’t go anywhere, it just changes the direction of the album for no real reason. “Road Runner” comes next with its melodic chords and deep baseline, over layed with beautiful vocals and an amazing chorus by Obenewa it’s catchy as hell and gets the album back on track (Hips should be moving to this one) “Reassign” comes next its also the longest track on the album its full of bells and wavy synths its pretty steady track, with elements flowing in and out. Then the bass becomes deeper and it goes really dark from there. Next the wobbly garage hit “Say My Name” featuring Yasmin (Gorgon City track “Real”) “Say My Name” is a dark deep garage bassline filled hit, with Yasmin’s vocals going perfectly. “Wayfairer” (Thats how its spelt on the album) Is a dance floor smash with Hulxey’s earlier production coming back, and it taking you straight to the rave, you don’t want the track to end. “Broken Dreams” carries on the same route as “Wayfairer” carrying on Huxley renouned production style. With catchy little vocal snippets, its then goes more heavy and more melodic then almost kind of swampy (Swamp 81 that is, not a real swamp where you probably couldn’t dance) imagine peak of the rave, you’re now there. “Cakewalk” is next, it starts with 90’s chords coming to get you and then breaks into this heavy drum filled anthem! “Callin” is next, featuring S-man it can be heard in full length on his “The Machine” EP. You should listen it it on there, its longer as it feels like its there for more filler. Last is “Never Easy” featuring Thomas Gandey is a bass, post-dubstep, piano, string, vocal filled masterpiece. Which ends the album so well.

It took Huxley 2 years to work on this album, it feels to me in parts that it may of not needed 2 years, just maybe not needed  the tracks that go to far away from Huxley’s style which we know and love. But again some of his new stuff is a good change from what we all ready know. Maybe he just didn’t need that filler, because of the this the start of the album is a bit all over the place and you’re trying to wonder where its going to go. The second part is much more thought out with some really good club tracks ready to play, shame they’re a bit short though, hopefully there will be bigger cuts if they’re released as EPs


Key Tracks: “I Want You” “Road Runner” “Say My Name” “Cakewalk” and “Never Easy”


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