Watch: “Northern Soul”

tumblr_static_poster_lo-res   Last night I watched “Northern Soul” and it was amazing, I heard about it last year and it was meant to be out a while ago, I think it ran into some funding problems. But never mind its out now. It’s safe to say that’s already up there in some of my favourite films that focus on music or a subculture, with the likes of Qudrophenia and American Graffiti. “Northern Soul” focuses on…..northern soul which is a musical genre what originated in the north of England in the late 60s and early 70s it focused on the fast paced of Motown. The music was more underground with only small acts making music and very limited pressings some as little as 5 which is mental. It didn’t get a lot of recognition in the USA but blew up in North England. The film is directed by Elaine Constantine and stars Steve Coogan, Antonia Thomas and Elliot James Langridge. It focuses on one boys discovery of the genre and how it changes his life and a lot of peoples at the time I guess, because it was new and exciting. The story is brilliant with lots of turns, and emotional parts. But of course in films like this it’s all about the soundtrack which is an absolute belter! With some of the best northern soul tracks in the film.


I’m going to post some of my favourite tracks of the genre below.

This was the first northern soul track I heard on a Joy Division documentary a few years ago. So the next day I went out and bought a couple of albums and just fell in love. Sadly this one isn’t in the film, but it should be because of that guitar!

One that is on the film, in this track its just elements in the track are amazing! “listen to the crash of symbols” then they come in so so good.

Also in the film. It’s the lyrics in this (All northern soul records have good lyrics) there so sad. But its back up by amazing back vocals and fast pace.

This one isn’t the fastest. But its just Dees voice and how uplifting it is. Again in the film

Had to include this, its considered the first northern soul record after being lost for years then found again. best version of the track too. I got a copy for record store day so I was happy! Wish this was in the film. I was I could of gone to a sweaty northern soul night back in the day!


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