New Music: Karenn “Untitled”

The first sort of Techno I ever really heard was stuff by Boys Noize and Turbo Recordings (Tiga’s label) back in 2008 or 2009 I heard remember hearing some tracks from Boys Noize’s album “Oi Oi Oi” and some D.I.M stuff among. It was just so much more heavy then the Electro based stuff I was listening to with its pounding drums. I then got really into Brodinski and Gessaffelstein and their whole french style of techno and I couldn’t stop there. I then got into Clouds and their first release on Fake Bloods Blood Music titled “Liquid/Mauful Sir” a track I still love today! This is when for me this whole british wave of techno started coming around. I like to call it britno (British-Techno). Britno came in full impact everywhere it was just so much more darker, heavy and more industrial then anything else I heard before. from Blawans dark, evil, percussion, sample filled underground banger “Getting Me Down” and Daniel Averys releases and even from the likes of Joy Oribison & Boddika. It’s still in full force now with the likes of many labels moving to its sound, like Scuba’s Hotflush with the releases of Paul Woolford and Dense & Pika it seems Britno is in no hurry to slow down!

Karren is a collaboration of Blawan (who I mentioned above) and Pairah who released the amazing electronic/post-dubstep soul hit “Detriot Falls” on R&S back in 2010 (still one of my favourite releases) they started there own vinyl only label called Works The Long Night and have 6 releases on it from the likes of Midland and Trade. 3 of the releases are of their own. They’ve been away for about a year now and have just returned to treat us to more dirty, underground, industrial techno anthems. There latest release came out this week and I went and got my copy today! It’s my first vinyl purchase of their label, and the 3 track EP doesn’t disappoint. Full of dark twist techno grooves and pumping bass they’re all underground smashes!

Up first is “Summer” its an winding techno anthem with this almost bleepy siren coming though it.

“Nelly” is powerful techno smash which doesn’t slow down! Full of trippy groaning techno breaks.

Last track “Ballast” is a slow industrial machine sounding filled electronic rhythm, it’s not as hard as the other two.

I still have to see Karenn and I don’t think i’ll be disappointed! Tracks are vinyl only so go purchase a copy before it’s gone.


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