Review: Flight Facilities “Down To Earth”


I’d never think Australian duo Flight Facilities would release an album, and it took me some time to come to terms with that, I was constantly looking for debut album news, with each single they released, hoping an album would soon come but it never did. This was back in 2011 after they released their second indie disco filled single “Foreign Language” Their singles were always so good, with so much thought and time put into each. So I guess one or two singles a year would do. But I still wanted an album. I just love the album format the way it flows having a start and finish, unpacking it, getting lost in it. So when they finally announced their debut it was like a little dream come true!

“Down To Earth” contains 14 tracks from 4 years ago to the present and features lots of guest vocalists. Its alvaible to stream on iTunes now! (link is below) and i’ve listened to it in its entirey about 3 times now. Its out on Monday 27th October and is released via Future Classic (Flume, Chet Faker, Classixx etc.) and I’ve preordered my copy!

Album stream:

“Down To Earth” starts with a lovely intro based around albums concept of aeroplanes and flying away. Like you’re being taken on journey to a land full of electronic bliss. “Two Bodies” featuring Emma Louise flows in gently to start you on your journey. Its packed with a lovely sample, which then eases to Emma’s vocals with them being complimented with piano keys and tasty drums. “Sunshine” is next featuring Reggie Watts its packed with smooth soulful vocal and funky guitars. Making the journey become little groovy! Walking Bliss” one of the first tracks where its just them comes next. It takes you down again, full of strings and more lovely samples. It’s very down tempo, almost like Nightmares On Wax track. Then “Stand Still” featuring Micky Green mixes in after. A track which came out last year as a single, what they’ve decided belongs on the album and it does. it fits so well, with its extremely catchy whistle, ticking clock, vocals and drums. This one catchy dance floor hit. You’ll be whistling it for days to come after. “Apollo” another one of their solo tracks its starts with strings and then layers into drums and house vibes. Taking you on a change of direction on your journey easily being one of the most club playable tracks on the record. The amazing track “Clair du Lune” featuring the stunning voice of Christine Hoberg comes after. Originally getting a single release back in 2012 I was really glad to see this on the album! Its a long, winding, blissful, electronic track. with elements just growing and growing. It takes the album down again, to this beautiful electronic landscape. “Hold Me Down” featuring Stee Downes (He did that amazing track with Lovebirds “Want You In My Soul” back in 2011) carries on the journey. It’s an RnB, 80s, disco, funk filled belter! Taking the record back in a more dance direction again. “Heart Attack” featuring Owl Eyes comes next. This one starts packed with drums and glitchy synths, keeping this dance direction flowing still, its another club playable track (looking forward to the remixes). Another solo track again “Merimbula” is an electronic filled tune with more layers of samples, drums, clicks, and synths. After is “Why Do You Feel” featuring  Bishop Nehru. This track threw me of a bit, taking a direction I didn’t think they would. Its a hip-hop filled Jam, and is a really nice change from there dance, electronic based production grooving. “Down To Earth” the last track of their own on the album. Its a chord, sample filled house track with lots of drums and rises. Going more dance fuelled before they leave. Last but not least is their most well known track “Crave You” with is split into two parts. Part 1 is a reprise with features Kylie Minogue just singing the track on her own, its a dreamy acapella what they flows into the amazing original (the first track I heard from them in late 2010 it was on one of the Kitsuné compilations) its an electronic indie filled anthem packed with beautiful vocals by Giselle, heavy synths and ends on a banging saxophone! It’s like they’ve ended at their being. Which ends the album perfectly.

“Down To Earth” is the album no one thought would come but it did! Its a well thought out record, it flows so well with its ups and downs, twists and turns though the electronic world. But still has this focus. On what they want wanted to put achieve. Also the fact the album ends where they began is so good, but I hope its not really the end.


Key Tracks: “Stand Still” “Clair de Lune” “Hold Me Down” and “Crave You”


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