Review: Recondite “Iffy”


I’ve always felt sorry for House/Techno/Dance albums because if they don’t have singing on they don’t really last long if i’m honest. If they have singing on there going to stay I guess. Thats what made Disclosures debut number 1. All the vocals, if it didn’t have the singing it would be an album full of dance hits, take their track with “Confess To Me” with Jessie Ware if it didn’t have her silky vocals it would be an absolute underground banger! It’s amazing anyway, just with all these vocals on a dance record it just makes them more excessible to a wider audience, even with all these vocals dance records still come quickly as they go. Of course some stay because they’re just masterpieces in there own right, but many just fade away after a couple of years.

Recondite is someone i’ve only recently just heard about after he released a new single (missed his last one back in 2012) on one of my favourite labels Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings (Mount Kimbie, Paul Woolford, Joy Orbison, the list can go on) So I gave it a listen and I liked it! “Caldera” is this amazing expanding techno groove which just just made me want to be out. So I looked at some of his other releases, like his release on Innervisions (Dixon’s and AME’s label) titled “Psy” it had two tracks on it “Psy” and “Fiery” “Fiery” was my favourite its just another evolving house/techno rhythm Tale Of Us played it at the WHP I went to, which was a highlight! Now Recondite is releasing his 3rd album “Iffy” on Innervisions on 10th November (You can get it now on the lovely website Beatport)

“Iffy” basically one long album, it just grows and grows. Opening track “Baro” (Tale Of Us started with this at WHP, I think) is a quite slow moving synth and drum filled set starter, which creates the albums mood straight away, you know you’re going to be somewhere moody with this album. “Levo” is more upbeat, its full of bells and slow builds matched with pulsing sounds which just add to the albums mood. “Tame” goes back to being darker, full of drum breaks and more glitchy, space age blips. “Garbo” picks up the pace again, and is full of these beautiful droning space age blips and synths which just echo through out the track. “Buteo” is another dark winding house track which just roars though easing it self in and out. “Duolo” carries on this dark, evil mood which the album has become and just takes you in with its almost vacuum sounding snythns. “Konter” moves the album to more builds and takes it away from darkness. “Steady” is a beautiful synth filled electronic track which just mixes the album up really well. “Glint” takes the album back into hard hitting drums, space age noises, and bells. Last is “Jim Jams” is another electronic track with scattered drums and slow snyths.

For me “Iffy” with all its funny sounding song names is an album that Recondite instantly knows where he’s going to take you, there’s no messing about. It’s amazingly produced and it’s straight into this evil, dark, slow moving, space age, dance floor record and you’re going to stay there. With very few changes along the way. This is defiantly a dance record to remember.


Key Tracks: “Baro” “Garbo” & “Duolo”


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