New Music: Youandewan “93”

It’s sunday, the worst day of the week in my opinion. They’re just so long and boring, least you can spend it just relaxing and listening to music! I first heard of Youandewan when he released an EP on Will Saul’s Aus (Joy Orbision, Huxley, Tom Demac, etc) tilted “Youandewan” it contained these really nice dance cuts, from acid house to some more heavy house tracks. He then released a track tilted “Ego” on Will Saul’s DJ Kicks compilation it was a lot more chilled out and had a lovely Tame Impala sample from their track “Jeremy’s Storm”. Now he has a new track out and its free, so that makes it even better, because who doesn’t love free right? It’s called “93” and heavily samples Souls of Mischief hip-hop classic “93′ til Infinity” Youandewan takes the track and just adds a really nice slow grooving house beat and these amazing airy keys to overlay. It’s perfect for sundays you can listen below. Oh did I mention it’s free?


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