New Music: Nao ‘So Good’

About 4 months ago Disclosure put up a Soundcloud link to a track tilted ‘So Good’ by Nao vs. A.K Paul so I listened, and straight away I thought it was Jai Paul featuring on the track, so after a little research I found that it was in fact his brother, and that they have done a lot of stuff together from AK helping him out on tracks like ‘Jasmine’ and also playing the bass on Jessies Ware’s 2013 single ‘Imagine It Was Us’ which also features her drummer turned singer Dornik on backing vocals and Julio Bashmore on production, pretty impressive lineup on one song! But back to it.

‘So Good’ is a short pop hit, filled with beatiful horns and catchy vocal and an amazing bassline! It’s finally released (I thought it was just going to stay on Soundcloud forever) on Nao’s debut EP ‘So Good’ EP which contains 5 tracks and was released 27th October via Little Tokyo Recordings, so go get it!



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