Review: Dean Blunt ‘Black Metal’




Former Hype Williams man Dean Blunt is a name that a lot of people may not be familiar with, maybe because he doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter or any form of social media from what I can see or find, I guess that’s just him. I first heard of Blunt after I heard his harmonic harp filled track ‘Flaxen’ back last year. Then he went on the release his debut ‘The Redeemer’ in may 2013 on Hippos in Tanks. ‘The Redeemer’ was a very hard album to pin down for me, it was just all over the place, but in a good way. You got all these different genres, from folk, spoken work, classical and slight hip hop vibes, with brilliant samples uses from the likes of Kate Bush. It was this odd abstract journey.

Now Blunt has released his second album tilted ‘Black Metal’ which came out Monday via Rough Trade (The Smiths, The Strokes, Warpaint, etc) it’s again another journey though Blunts mind.

‘Black Metal’ starts on the 80s sounding drifty guitar and string laid track ‘Lush’ It then goes into single ’50 Cent’ what again just carries on this slow winding bluesy guitar accompanied with a female vocalist who’s name I do not know. ‘Blow’ goes down a more folk based root with a more twangy guitar and with Blunt just speaking over the top. Next is ‘100’ this track again just carries on this same bluesy, folk sound. Until ‘Heavy’ which to me sounds like town bells have been recorded and heavily reworked into this synth, drum crashing track. The album again goes back to this lovely solo guitar blues sound that the album is very much about so far, with this female singer coming back again (It sounds like one of the Warpaint girls, with them both being on Rough Trade it does make sense) ‘Forever’ is next and it’s 13 minutes long! Its an long electronic filled track with pianos reverb filled drum sounds and then ends of a beautiful saxophone! ‘X’ comes after another long track at almost 9 minutes long! It sounds very Bon Iver with all these ghostly guitars and underlaying synths what just flow though out the track. ‘Punk’ is a gritty hip-hop beat full of Blunts spoken words, talking about how he can’t go another day and going away. ‘Country’ is electronic frenzy full of all sorts of sounds, even the volume sound on a mac keyboard! ‘Hush’ is a saxophone, almost organ sounding track which just ends almost right away. After is ‘Mersh’ is a dub, reggae track with loads of crashing drums and blips. The album ends on the amazing track ‘Grade’ which a Saxophone filled track what sounds like it’s been taken straight from India, its such a nice end to another Blunt journey!

‘Black Metal’ is more refined then ‘The Redeemer’  it just has more very direct sense of music, instead of been scattered all over. ‘Black Metal’ takes us on another one of Blunts musical journeys though a new approach and i’m very eager to see what is next!


Key Tracks: ’50 Cent’ and ‘Grades’


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