Review: Dense & Pika ‘Klank’




Dense & Pika aka Alex Jones of Hyper Colour and Glimpse return to Hotflush for their ‘Klank’ EP after having almost a year off, after their insanely good ‘Colt’ EP ‘Colt’ being one the best tracks of last year with its infectious and harmoic chords mixed with it’s pounding gritty techno, something that shouldn’t work, but did!

‘Klank’ see’s the duo go further down this industrial techno path. Opening track ‘Klank’ is straight into it, with full roaring, bass and door slamming kicks! ‘Lazy Wanye’ starts at a distance with sounds developing and vocals shifting around to form another strong track. ‘Slowhand’ goes tribal and is matched with echoing and pinging synths. ‘Slacker’ is an aggressive digital stomper which just continues to change pitch and distorts itself. ‘Bad Ink’ starts slow but then sounds like an animal is an cage trying to get out and just continues to growl at you. Last track ‘Wandering Hands’ is crackly, static wonder, filled with more abrasive drums and distorts to send you out.

Alex Jones and Glimpse collaboration as Dense & Pika has no sign of going softer and it’s just going to go in harder and better from here!


Key Tracks: ‘Slowhand’ and ‘Slacker’


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