Review: Mr Oizo ‘The Church’


On Monday French electronic wizard Mr Oizo released his 5th album ‘The Church’ via Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder (Taylor McFerrin, Thundercat etc) it sees Mr Oizo leave his long term home of Ed Banger (Justice, SebastiAn, Uffie etc) something I wasn’t expecting to see. I’m gussing it’s becuase he lives in LA and it was just easier, what with Flying Lotus being there and their music both being quite surreal. In resent years Mr Oizo aka Quentin Dupieux has started to direct film’s I haven’t seen any of them, but I’ve heard there also as strange as the music he puts out.

‘The Church’ opens on track ‘Bear Biscuit’ and things don’t really wait around its straight into this wobbly sounding dark hard hitting drum claps what then constantly alter pitch. ‘Ham’ then takes a much darker turn, its heavy hitting and has much more of a beat and direction then most of his other tracks ‘Destop’ carries this flow of not electronic mess with the groove staying in place it’s a lot more chilled out compared to ‘Ham’ but still has these electronic blips. ‘Run Dry’ takes things back a step with echoing drum claps and loops glitches to then go into more electronic chaos with computer vocals running through out wanting you to “scream for daddy” its quite disturbing. ‘Mass Doom’ takes things to a really fun level, I could imagine it being on some video game which involves a lot of running and jumping. ‘Machnye’ is a dark quite aggressive ringing track which then add’s more and more claps and odd digital sounds to speed things up. ‘iSoap’ is a creaky string laid track what then adds this really funky guitar. ‘Torero’ goes back into more electronic onslaught ‘Memorex’ is tiny track filled with lot of squeaks. Last track ‘The Church’ a story about a really messed up time, backed with more computer voices and really dark bassline.

For me ‘The Church’ seems to retain more a style and beat even though some parts are still all over the place they but actually should be there. Compared to last albums like ‘Stade 2’ which is just fully insane and just goes everywhere. It seems Mr Oizo’s time working with Boys Noize as Handbraekes as clearly hand an influence on the way he makes music now.


Key Tracks: ‘Ham’ ‘Mass Doom’ and ‘iSoap’


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