Review: Illum Sphere ‘Fabriclive 78’


First time i’d ever heard and seen Illum Sphere was at a Red Bull x Hoya Hoya night the lineup was amazing it even if I didn’t know about Illum Sphere at the time! It was Kode9, Oneman, Krystal Klear, Illum Sphere and Jonny Dub it was £7 so I could pass that up so I went on my own. Because it said it was sold out, but tickets where still available at the door. I’m so glad I went as soon as doors opened or I would of seen Illum Sphere play, he played on of the best sets id ever heard a DJ play (It was my Hoya Hoya night) it was full of the amazing Japanese Jazz and other genres I was kind of blown away to see a DJ play stuff like this, so thats how I discovered Illum Sphere (the rest of the night was amazing too).

Moving on from that Hoya Hoya the Manchester club night at The Roadhouse (go if you can) they also have a Hoya Hoya night at Fabric something I still have to go to! So it seemed only right to have on of the Hoya gang to mix a Fabriclive album. With each time i’ve now seen Illum Sphere (its about 4) his sets are so diverse and also with him releasing my favourite album of the year. I couldn’t wait to listen to his Fabriclive!

I was right ‘Fabriclive 78’ takes you on a well crafted journey from the likes of 80’s music, dub, acid house, techno and others it just flows so well, it starts of slow then keeps building and building then slowing down again it just grows and develops something every Fabriclive should do, it’s defiantly up there as one of my favourites because of how diverse it is.



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