Review: D’Angelo ‘Black Messiah’



A weeks ago D’Angelo surprised the world, by dropping his long awaited 3rd album, 14 years of waiting in fact. The reason the album got released early was because of all the riots going on about police brutally in America. I’ve been a fan of D’Angelo for a few years now, so I haven’t had to wait 14 years as I’ve only known/listened to him for 3, but still 3 years is long enough!

‘Black Messiah’ starts of with ‘Ain’t That Easy’ which is a dark funky guitar track matched with brash snares and D’Angelo’s silky smooth vocals welcome you back to everything you’ve missed. ‘1000 Deaths’  starts with a sample of some speech talking about Jesus and its quite a heavy almost rock like track. ‘The Charade’ takes things on a bit of a smoother route full of hazy, drifty, guitars which all build up and more of D’Angelo’s heavenly voice. ‘Sugah Daddy’ is funky, electronic, gospel piano filled groove and is sure to get feet moving! ‘Really Love’ starts of amazing strings and hazy vocal samples only to break into this lovely jazz guitar which then meets these electronic drums, imagine sitting in your garden on a hot summers day! ‘Back To The Future (Part I)’ is a funky groovy track and the album continues on this funky, soulful, electronic path. until ‘Betray My Heart’ is is more stripped down. its starts with a gone and this brilliant funky, jazzy guitar and horns, its just a bit more chilled out then other tracks its so so good!  Next is ‘The Door’ which is another slow mover, which owns this infectious whistle. ‘Back To The Future (Part II)’ carries on from part one more funk! Ending track ‘Another Life’ is more piano filled bliss, with D’Angelo’s soulful voice serenading you one last time!

‘Black Messiah’ would be very high up on end of year lists, but it only just missed the cut! and it’s good to finally have some new D’Angelo, is a beautiful album of beautiful tracks, and influences from Sly and The Family Stone, Prince etc. Lets just hope we don’t have to wait 14 years for his next one!



Key Tracks: ‘Sugah Daddy’ ‘Betray My Heart’ and ‘Another Life’



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