New Music: Jimmy Napes ‘Give It Up’

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy with a new job and I had to take down my last post due to EMI emailing me about ‘Goldfinger’.

If someone came up to you and started talking about Jimmy Napes you’d most likely be like “Who the f**k is that?” but you are probably more familiar with his work then you might realise! Seeing as he’s wrote most of the hit songs you’ve been hearing on the radio for the last year or so… from Disclosure, Sam Smith, Clean Bandit and other acts like Tourist, he’s more of a behind the scenes kind of man.

But now Napes is finally releasing stuff of his own in the form of an EP titled ‘The Making Of Me EP’ which is due for release on 9th of March on Disclosure’s imprint Method Records. He’s released titled track ‘Give It Up’ which is produced by one half of Disclosure the track is a catchy (of course it is!) electronic track with the first vocals we hear from Napes, basically saying how much he’d do for a girl. Its packed with twinkly synths and hints of PC Music check it out below!



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