Review: Romare ‘Projections’


Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long, I’ve just had a lot of stuff to sort out! But don’t worry i’ll be review the many albums i’ve been listening to from the start of the year, and with that lets do the first review of 2015 (again sorry its really late!)

Romare released his debut on Ninja Tune back on the 23rd February it followed after a string of singles which are all on the the record. It sees Romare continue with his collage/cut and paste technique like the artist he is name after Romare Bearden, but with music.

‘Projections’ starts of with the hypnotic claps, rising synths and sample vocals of the legendary Nina Simone ‘Nina’s Charm’ it takes you in straight away then breaks down to go into the next track. ‘Work Song’ Starts with lovely brass stabs and smooth percussion. Which then builds into a sample frenzy of guitars, pianos, horns and vocals, to then drift away. ‘Motherless Child’ takes what we’ve already heard and pushes on it, with beautiful samples again, taking you away, the albums carries on the lovely sample carved path for another track. Then ‘Roots’ its starts like an animal is making odd mooing sounds at you, which then takes you straight to the dancefloor, which its almost house like claps, then amazing piano. Its easily the most dance ready track on the album. ‘Jimmy’s Lament’ is a nice little break after the groove of ‘Roots’ it bring the album to a nice halfway point. ‘Lover Man’ takes us back into the swing of more collage sample stabs, it almost follows from ‘Jimmy’s Lament’. after is ‘Rainbow’ which is a lot more funky and disco like, getting your feet moving once more! ‘Prison Blues’ is harp (sounds like a harp) and saxophone filled filler which adds to another nice break to the album again. Penultimate track ‘The Drifter’ is collage of twangy guitars and rusty vocals. Final track ‘La Petite Mort’ is a floaty synth filled track which ends the album so well.

‘Projections’ use of samples are almost perfect, there isn’t to much of them. there’s not to little and how Romare has used them gives you one amazing ride. The album has the space that allows you to take it in and grow on you, even with key moments. It just follows effortlessly.

Key Tracks: ‘Roots’ ‘Rainbow’ and ‘La Petite Mort’



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