Review: Jose Gonzalez ‘Vestiges & Claws’


Jose Gonzalez was one of the first, in fact the first I think of folk acts, I remember fully hearing and remembering back in 2003 when he released his debut ‘Veneer’ and album I still listen to now (Because its really good) after that I found more folk artist, like Nick Drake, John Martyn etc. Then again in the last few years more came around like Ben Howard. But Jose was always with me. He’s been busy doing stuff with his band Junip (they’re also really good too) but I wanted another Jose solo record for ages, then last year he announced it, luck me!

Jose’s third outing ‘Vestiges & Claws’ was released last month on Mute Records (Goldfrapp Depeche Mode, etc) It sees him back to his great solo self. Unlike my other reviews where a talk about the tracks and how they sound then have a conclusion, i’m just going straight to the conclusion.

 ‘Vestiges & Claws’ does all really sound the same, but its not a bad thing. Because you put the record on an just fully get lost in his voice and twangy guitar, which builds up and drops throughout the record and elements coming and going, it’s a perfect album for those lazy afternoons.

Key Tracks: ‘With The Ink Of A Ghost’ ‘Stories We Build, Stories We Tell and ‘The Forest’



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