Photography: My Own Work




My personal work has become quite slow over recent months. With me putting in a roll of film, then leaving it in the camera for a while, but with that the images taken still try and have a trail of thought into them.

In this selection of images taken in London and my house, i’m trying to look at objects and how some haven’t moved in a long time and how they now look to me. The coldest of these is the ash on next to the brush and mirror which was my mothers who passed away and the fact that it still has it shape, like it only happened this morning.

In the buildings I was trying to look at architecture and how new new and old building are increasingly coexisting with each-other and it it looks.

Some are just random ones, like of Phonica. I hadn’t been until a few weeks back, so I thought “yeah photographing that”

I hope you like them.

All photo’s are shot on 35mm film.

FH000021 FH000020 FH000019 FH000017 FH000010 FH000026 FH000014 FH000009 FH000007 FH000003



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