Review: Drenge ‘Undertow’

Sheffield brothers Drenge have returned with new album ‘Undertow’ it was released on 6th April via Infectious (Alt-J, Superfood etc) it carries on their grunge onslaught.

‘Undertow’ starts with a hazy guitar reverb filled introduction, which then kicks straight into ‘Running Wild’ and if i’m completely honest, the record just stays at this brilliant dark grungy pace and its basically finished, you just get lost in all these amazing riffs and vocals. But, of course they’re are some key stand out moments in the album, from tracks like ‘We Can Do What We Want’ which starts of with a really indie pop guitar, only for that the be scraped and back into the grunge onslaught. ‘The Woods’ has a killer evil guitar riff, which sounds like something something from an early Cure record, and then has this catchy chorus, like something from a Cribs album. ‘Standing In The Cold’ also has a slow build up only to break into this winding guitar.

‘Undertow’ is a brilliant record, its one you get lost in (They’re the good ones) its packed with stunning instrumentation, and amazing lyrics and for me, its already a high contender for Rock album of the year. It also shows again that people still need that bit of heavy dark rock in their lives!

Key Tracks: ‘We Can Do What We Want’ ‘The Woods’ ‘Standing In The Cold’



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