Review: Blur ‘The Magic Whip’

1035x983-faec798eOkay, so for me in the whole “who are better Blur or Oasis?” the debate that will carry on going until the end of time. For me its easy, its Blur, Oasis made good albums well the first two, and a few good songs after, but Blur just pushed their music forward. From their early Stone Roses rip of to album ‘Leisure’, ‘Parklife’, ’13’ and then middle eastern influenced record ‘Think Tank’ that for me alone makes a band really good, because they aren’t scared to try new things and fans should appreciate that.

So last week Blur released their 8th album called ‘The Magic Whip’ via Parlophone on 27th April the album is based on songs they recorded in Hong Kong, after a festival they where playing got cancelled, but they said the tracks weren’t getting a release, sneaky lie? So lets get into it!

‘The Magic Whip’ starts with the amazing track ‘Lonesome Street’ it really brings the band back (after Graham not begin on the last album) its killer opener track, with catchy vocals and a brilliant guitar riff! after is ‘New World Towers’ takes the album on a different direction already, with Damon’s voice slow almost haunting voice being back up by distant instruments and a guitar in the foreground. ‘Go Out’ the first single from the album. starts of with more catchy stuff and its good, like really good! ‘Ice Cream Man’ does what it says on the tin really doesn’t it? Yes a song about an Ice Cream Man. Next is ‘Thought I Was A Spaceman’ is packed with electronics and what I think is an xylophone, its a real builder. ‘I Broadcast’ is nice little interlude as such, which sounds like classic Blur! ‘My Terracotta Heart’ is slow winding track filled with recordings from outside. ‘There Are Too Many Of Us’ does what it says on the tin, much like ‘Ice Cream Man’ its marching drums and strings are brilliant. ‘Ghost Ship’ is another catchy one, so many catchy ones! with soft guitar strokes. ‘Pyongyang’ brings back the electronics and more slighting haunting vocals. ‘Ong Ong’ is a killer track is full on Blur, so I don’t really need to explain, just listen. ‘Mirrorball’ rounds up the album in a western-string end.

‘The Magic Whip’ for me is the return of one of my favourite bands. Its full of amazing tracks that stand out, and its just good to have something new to listen to from them, with amazing instrumentation and lyrics its everything I love in a band, and that they’ve kept pushing is brilliant. I hope they bring out another.

Key Tracks: ‘Lonesome Street’ ‘Go Out’ ‘There Are Too Many Of Us’ and ‘Ong Ong’



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