Review: Jamie xx ‘In Colour’


So Monday (my birthday) saw the release of Jamie xx’s debut solo album, if you didn’t know this, you must have been living in a cave for a couple of months. and I’ve had the pleasure of listening to it a few times now, my friend even got me the vinyl, so free music, always nice!

If you don’t know Jamie xx he’s basically the leader of the band The xx (hence the ‘xx’ part) he’s also a bloody good DJ taking influences from the likes of Four Tet and Floating Points, Four Tet also help produce some tracks on the album too.

‘In Colour’ has before anything brilliant artwork, something I was keen to see from the single release of ‘Girl / Sleep Sound’ The album starts of with the hectic garage, hardcore, bass fuel ‘Gosh’ its a belter, layered with samples, claps and a build that just sends shivers down your spine. Previously released track ‘Sleep Sound’ comes after although its shorter cut and is slightly different at the end, after is ‘Seesaw’ which features band mate Romy its a distant vocal, garage tracks, imagine being in the toilets at a rave. only the drums are in full. ‘Obvs’ this one is so so obvious its hurts, steel drums galore! add some bass kicks and guitars and you’re sorted, it really ploughs through. after is a small break ‘Just Saying’. Next is ‘Stranger In A Room’ which features other band mate Oliver Sim. its a trancey (not a word) euphoric track with Oliver’s vocals and guitar taking lead in parts. ‘Hold Tight’ follows and starts of very slow with vocal snippets, what then stop and becomes a absolute banger! ‘Loud Places’ comes next, it takes the record on a different track, what with all the basically rave music we’ve been hearing for 30 minutes. Its a jingly piano vocal track what will be a festival track of the year for sure, if it isn’t i’ll be amazed. ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ features Young Thug and Popcaan starts with a brilliant sample, and then takes us on a RnB Dancehall wave, its really good, another different track for the album. ‘The Rest Is Noise’ takes us back to the rave, with 90s piano and rolling drums its heavenly end of night track. After is previously released ‘Girl’

‘In Colour’ for me is an good album. Jamie xx has taken his influences of 90s dance music a little RnB and brought it up to date for people who may not know where to look. It’s another dance record to enjoy and absorb. What I don’t already like about the album is people only liking it because its Jamie xx, just because its his brand, it means people will just love it. They won’t actually appreciate the music he’s listened to make this record. There’s going to be two different people listening to this record. Jamie xx is a good producer, but he still has a long way to go before he’s up there with the people he idolises.


Key Tracks: ‘Gosh’ ‘Obvs’ ‘Hold Tight’ and ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’

‘In Colour’ is out now via Young Turks.


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