New Music: Bicep ‘Just’ EP

So Bicep have released a new EP on Aus ahead of their XOYO residence. The new EP called ‘Just’ is the best stuff i’ve heard from them in a while. The EP contains 3 different tracks. The first track is ‘Just’ hence the EP name. ‘Just’ is a 8bit snare and kicks filled track, what becomes louder and better with each passing second. Second track ‘Celeste’ is delicious African percussion layered with dream piano keys and a vocal which follows throughout. Imagine your on an island its 6am in the morning when the sun is rising and everyone is still moving! Its so fucking good! Final track ‘Back 2 U’ Takes things back to a 2am dancefloor cut its filled with fast drums.

You can listen to the EP below its so so so good, go get the whole EP, my vinyl came today!


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