Review: Slaves ‘Are You Satisfied?’




Hello everyone, firstly i’d like to say sorry for my lack of posting of late, as i’ve just got a new job and when I get home I just want to cook (Maybe i’ll start putting images of my food up?) and watch Game Of Thrones or Peep Show, then go to bed, but this is going to change!

So anyway Punk band Slaves released their first record at the start of the month, and i’ve been playing it quite alot, I go on these heavy music sprees for a few months, where all i’ll basically listen to is Punk, Grunge or Heavy Metal, are a few other bits. The record is called ‘Are You Satisfied?’  and is out now Via Virgin EMI (You must know that label?)

I’m not going to go into the songs to much, because they’re extremely similar, because its a punk record and its all meant to sound the same, the album has brilliant moments throughout like the ruff guitar and screaming vocals of ‘Cheer Up London’ and layered vocals on ‘Hey’ the album goes quite fast and I like that, you full get sucked into its raw punk energy!

For me I love it, I love that its another punk album that I can listen to at will, I don’t mind if it does sound a lot like  The Sex Pistols because I like The Sex Pistols! the album has really cool songs of energy and grit and i’ll be coming back to it time after time.

Key Tracks: ‘Cheer Up London’  ‘Hey’ ‘Wow!!! 7AM’ and ‘Ninety Nine’



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