Review: Seven Davis Jr ‘Universes’


Okay before we start, the artwork is really really good, thats all.

Sorry I haven’t done any full reviews in a while, I’ve just been busy! I’ve listened to loads of new music from debuts by Vince Staples, Leon Bridges, Maribou State and Wolf Alice. Then new ones from Tame Impala and Four Tet. I just haven’t found time to write about each one, so for that i’m sorry.

With music at the moment, I feel that musicians/ producers are getting younger and younger, with a lot of pressure pushed on them from a very early start in their careers, with a lot there influences being very similar, not thats theres anything wrong with that. It’s just they haven’t had the time to find the artists or know where to look because there so young.

On the other side of this there are some new musicians who are quite older and have had a lot more time to focus on their sounds to make it more refined and unique. Take Seven Davis Jr he’s 34 and he’s been killing it for a while now. When I first heard him back with his track ‘One’ in 2013 I was amazed with this new soulful funky fast house I was hearing it was so fresh!

Move foreword a few years and releases later he’s finally released an album titled ‘Universes’ via Ninjatune (They’ve been smashing releases out and the moment and they’re all on point) its available now!

The album continues Sevens Funky Electronic Soulful sound and makes he makes it better, faster and more groovy! The album takes you straight in with fast paced drums overlaid with glowing snythy electronics with the likes of ‘Freedom’ afterwards that his vocals start to come in with and things just get better with more grooving and feet moving already flowing through out the record already! with Catchy fast paced music vocals of ‘Sunday Morning’ and ‘Everybody’s Too Cool’. After these we reach his first feature which is Julio Bashmore on track ‘Good Vibes’ and its so true, the track is vibes! it starts like an old dusty radio is playing some future funky disco and then it just picks into this fast moving house. After is ‘Be A Man’ what features fLako for me it sees him go to Africa on this one with luscious percussion and a one heavenly guitar the record then gets more electronic and deeper with tracks like ‘Afterlife’ after is ‘No Worries’ which is like an insane fusion of Sly and The Family Stone meets D’Angelo meets well Seven. Then album ends on ‘Welcome Back’ which is 10 minutes long and is lots of small tracks ranging from jungle to smooth electronic

For me this record is a nice reminder thats its not just about the young people in music its also about the more mature who start out a bit later, and well when you do, in Sevens case you have a belter of a debut! Its soulful and extremely moveable! No doubt he’ll have another release out very soon!

Key Tracks: ‘Sunday Morning’ ‘Good Vibes’ and ‘Be A Man’



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