Review: David Bowie ‘Blackstar’


Okay, before I start this small review. I’m very sorry for the lack of posts, i’ve just been really busy doing other things, and the fact that my laptop is awful at times doesn’t help.

I guess you’ve probably all heard about David Bowie’s passing away on Monday, unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere. Its deeply sadden me, music fans, artists, and well everyone across the planet. He was an Icon, an original (probably the last one), an artist who’s chosen medium was music. There’s nothing more I can really say that hasn’t been said. But I remember being around the age of 16/17 and coming in to find my dad watching this oddly dressed man play this incredible song ‘Queen Bitch’ and I knew from there that my life had changed.

Bowie’s goodbye record tell’s us he is going to die, only days before his death and basically no one knew at all. It’s his final piece of art, he would have been remembered forever anyway, but now after this he’s full cemented himself.

‘Blackstar’ takes us to a jazzy, post rock world which might even be some of his best work to date. I feel like people should really pick up this record and it speak for itself. So i’m going to leave you to listen to it.


Key tracks: All of it!

Thank you David Bowie and RIP


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