May In Albums

When the end of year lists start rolling in in late November, May will certainly be a talking point, if it isn’t, i’ll be very surprised! I mean its been packed with good record after good record.

To start of May we had a weekend, full of great records, from Skepta, James Blake, Kaytranda and Radiohead, all in the same weekend, so I knew May was going to be special from there!



First up we had Skepta’s long awaited forth album ‘Konnichiwa’ which see’s some of the Grimes MC’s best tracks to date, with brilliant production and equally good lyrics. With some parts of the album sounding slightly American to aim to that side of the market, but all in all still Grime at heart, the album also features Pharrell, Novelist, Wiley and Boy Better Know (BBK).

Key tracks: ‘Man’ ‘Text Me Back’ and ‘Konnichiwa’


On the same day we got given Kaytranda’s debut album ‘99.9%’. The album is really good wonderfully mixed and the guests are amazing featuring Craig David to Syd to Little Dragon. All though it does feel tad the same in parts, buts he’s wonderfully mad a tight connection between Hip-Hop to House and its great!

Key tracks: ‘One Too Many’ ‘You’re The One’ ‘Lite Spots’ and ‘Bullets’


On the same day James Blake suddenly released his also long awaited third album, which had the working title ‘Radio Silence’ which was then changed to ‘The Colour In Anything’ (much better) It’s a long record 17 tracks clocking in at 117minutes. It see’s Blake carry on his Electronic Soul journey further.

Key tracks: ‘Timeless’ ‘Choose Me’ and ‘Modern Soul’


On the same weekend Radiohead released their also long awaited ninth album “A Moon Shaped Pool’. Best weekend of music in the year or what? It see’s Radiohead come back together after being away doing their different things. ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ sees all there different journey’s meet and its truly a masterpiece in its own right. It’s full of reworked fan favourites and newer tracks.

Key tracks: ‘Daydreaming’ ‘Glass Eyes’ ‘Identikit’ and ‘True Love Waits’


May also saw Jessy Lanza release her second album ‘Oh No’ on Hyperdub, its carries on her smooth RnB but takes things a lot faster in parts, probably something do with Hyperdubs last few years pushing Footwork and this really shows. As I said in my last albums post, this year has been all about the females releasing some really amazing music!

Key tracks: VV Violence’ ‘Never Enough’ ‘It Means I Love You’ and ‘Oh No’


Gold Panda dropped his third album ‘Good Luck and Do Your Best’ it see’s the producer go back into all his luscious Asian influences layered with smooth electronics. His albums for me are like small journeys that are beautifully carved out. It’s really good to have more stuff of his.

Key tracks: ‘In My Car’ ‘Pink and Green’ and ‘I Am a Real Punk’


Catfish and The Bottlemen second record ‘The Ride’ basically just carries on from the first, its more of the same indie rock anthems like their first, which isn’t a bad thing because the songs are equally as good.

Key tracks: ‘7’ ‘Anything’ and ‘Heathrow’


Lone released ‘Levitate’ and after his last record ‘Reality Testing’ I was really excited to see where the Manchester based wizard would take us. ‘Levitate’ for me sits in the lines of the warm glowing inviting synth’s of ‘Reality Testing’ added with some of older more Jungle / Rave music of Lone’s past. It probably helped a lot that jungle has come back into the underground scene even if its been slowed down slightly. But almost all the tracks on ‘Levitate’ pack a solid punch.

Key tracks: ‘Alpha Wheel’ ‘Blacktail Was Heavy’ and ‘Triple Helix’


Max Graef & Glenn Astro final released their debut together via Ninja Tune, after working on separate projects and putting out releases on their label Money $ex, it takes their crazy space age cosmic electronic jazz house to a new level. It’s a real rollercoaster of delicious noise.

Key tracks: ‘Where The Fuck Are My Hard Boiled Eggs?!’ ‘Flat Peter’ and ‘Magic Johnson (Album Mix)’



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