July In Albums

Hello! Sorry i’ve haven’t updated recently as I was away travelling around India and Nepal, and i’ve only just got back into finding all the new music that I have missed out on.


I’ll start with the most resent, as it came out on Friday. Its the debut, and only album from Viola Beach, the band that tragically died in a car accident along with their manager. The album consists of a few previously released singles ‘Swings and Waterslides’ and ‘Boys That Sing’ and other tracks that I haven’t heard, its a really good indie pop record full of songs that make you feel young again and drinking in parks late at night!

Key Tracks: ‘Call You Up’ and ‘Boys That Sing’


I first discovered Jamie Issac after King Krule posted about him on his Facebook page saying that they’re mates, naturally I listened and I was amazed at the chilled blend of electronic and haunting Jazz influences through out the tracks I was hearing. After that he released two amazing EPs and while I was away his Debut ‘Couch Baby’ what carries on these lush electronic over even more of a Jazz feel, perfect for them Sunday mornings.

Key Tracks: ‘Staying with Me All Night’ ‘Know U Like Me’ ‘All My Days’


Duo Honne finally released their debut album ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ last month, it see’s all previous singles on the album cutting some decent bits from past EPs, its an album full of their warm velvety electronic laden soul, with one amazing feature with Izzy Bizu.

Key Tracks: ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ ‘Someone That Loves You’ ‘Coastal Love’ ‘Good Together’


The Avalanches returned after a very long wait of 16 years with their second album ‘Wildflower’ while it doesn’t have as many samples as their first record, they’re still used in perfect affect which retains the delight of the first album with added guest slots which opens them to a completely new fan base.

Key Tracks: It’s really hard for key tracks, as some are short and some are long, you need to find the time to let the album take you away!


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