Albums In August

Reason why I haven’t posted much recently is because i’ve had a few weeks away in Croatia moving up the coast from Dubrovnik to Pula which then lead me to Dimensions festival.

Dimensions was truly one of the best weeks of my life. The whole place is magical fully of really friendly, helpfully people, a cracking lineup, some of the best sound systems i’ve ever heard in my life and to top it off the location and weather which are both perfect! Its so good i’m going to do another blog post about it I reckon.

Because i’ve been away i’ve only listened to about 2 new albums this month, which is pretty poor.


Stockport based band Blossoms released their self titled debut album at the start of the month. The album has a blend of influences from Arcade Fire to Oasis and beyond from what I can hear. The record is a lovely rock album filled with indie anthems for a new generation.

Key tracks: ‘Charlemange’ ‘Honey Sweet’ ‘Blow’


While I was away I saw that Frank Ocean was gearing up to release new music. Something that made me, and a lot of other people very happy! So I was annoyed that I had to wait until I was a home to get it, but i’ve got it now, so its fine!

The album is truly amazing and has 100% been worth the wait with all killer no filler, a stellar lineup of guests from Beyonce to Johnny Greenwood. GET IT!

Key Tracks: ‘Pink / White’ ‘Nights’ ‘White Ferrari’ ‘Seigfried’


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