Albums in September

September loads of album to get your ears into so lets have a look.


The month saw the return of Jamie T and his forth album ‘Trick’ and it didn’t have as big a gap as the wait for his third which was good! The album is slightly different then the last, with a mixture of influences ranging from Rap to even hits of Primal Scream.

Key Tracks: ‘Power Over Men’ and ‘Dragon Bones’


Zomby released ‘Ultra’ on hyperdub last month it’s ever changing dance floor rhythm keeps you hooked for the full 50 minutes it can also be enjoyed away from the dance floor too. Featuring the likes of Burial and Darkstar, you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

Key Tracks: ‘Fly 2’ ‘Glass’ and ‘S.D.Y.F’


After releasing a string of singles over last year MIA final released ‘AIM’ it carries on her signature style, but is less egressive than her last record. It’s still good, just not as good.

Key Tracks: ‘Boarders’ ‘Go Off’ and ‘Bird Song (Diplo Remix)’


Someone I haven’t listened to in a while Brodinski released a free mixtape titled ‘The Sour Patch Kid’ it sees him on production throughout the mixtape featuring a range of southern rapper. I think its really good.

Key Tracks: ‘Treat Me Like Gotti’ ‘Big Dawg’ and ‘Bow Tie’


One of my favourite all female bands released their third album again on Rough Trade called ‘Heads Up’ it carries on their groovy, slightly romantic, dance fuelled, indie pop .

Key Tracks: ‘By Your Side’ ‘The Stall’ and ‘Heads Up’


Mac Miller’s forth studio album ‘The Divine Feminine’ was released in September, full of amazing features and even better beats from dance based RnB to Jazz its real cracker!

Key Tracks: ‘Dang!”Stay’ and ‘God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty’


One of my favourite DJs Jeremy Underground released a brilliant compiled compilation ‘Jeremy Underground presents Beauty’ filled with some of his favourite tracks some you’ll know if you’re a fan of his and some completely new (old) ones.The whole thing is amazing!


The Gaslamp Killer dropped his second album ‘Instrumentalepathy’ via Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder. Its a gritty, electronic, some times very weird album, but in its weirdness has some real stand out tracks.

Key Tracks: ‘Good Morning’ ‘The Butcher’ and ‘Gammalaser Kill’


When ever i’ve listened to Ty Dolla Sign he’s always been featuring and the tracks he’s featured on have been sick. But then i’d listen to his own stuff and it would be shit. But Campaign changed that for me. Full of really well produced trap and rap tracks.

Key Tracks: ‘$’ ‘Campaign’ and ‘Clean’


Nicolas Jaar surprised everyone by releasing his second album Sirens its a lush electronic journey with a lot of lovely spaces that change and evolve throughout that really lets you get lost in the record.

Key Tracks: The whole thing.


Bon Iver came back after a nice 5 year break. ’22 A Million’ is Bon Iver but not as you know them. Justin Vernon time with Kanye West and James Blake has fully taken its tole its its amazing!

Key Tracks: Again, the whole thing!


Danny Brown released ‘Artocity Exhibition’ via Warp, a good decision in my opinion. Its full of brilliant production and lyrics.

Key Tracks: ‘Downwards Spiral’ ‘Really Doe’ and ‘When It Rain’





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