Albums In October

November has come around pretty quickly. As we leave October lets look at some of the albums from the past month.


Probably my favourite album of October was Youandewan’s debut album on Aus ‘There Is No Right Time’ the whole album is beautifully filled with wonderful warm textured sounds. Imagine Radiohead meets Lone, then they meet loads of cosmic drum machines.

Key Tracks: ‘Be Good To Me Poly’ ‘Something Keeps Me Real Quiet’ and ‘Left On Lucy’


Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer released their debut album under Tuff City Kids via Permanent Vacation. Another album filled electronic grooves, but with a much more 80s punch.

Key Tracks: ‘Wake People’ ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Boilered’


Hessle Audio co-founder Pangaea released his debut, as well ‘In Drum Play’ A record packed with heavy dancefloor cuts dipping into bits of techno, house, dubstep and electronica.

Key Tracks: ‘Rotor Soap’ ‘More Is More To Burn’ and ‘Lofty Can’



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