Gig Review: Elder Island at The King’s Head

I got to The King’s Head around 8:45pm. By time I arrived first act Rhain was already on, playing a cold haunting set of alternative striped back piano songs, she was really good. I knew Elder Island were going to be a change of pace.

Elder Island are a band i’ve known about for a while, a friend showed them to me before they released their first EP as he had something do to with them. Their first EP was amazing, combing neo-soul, alternative, and funky guitars.

They came out and went straight into it, starting with a new one, which was already swaying into a more electronic feel with a 4/4 beat. After they went straight into ‘The Big Unknown’ their biggest song, sounding a lot more dance based with a new garage groove. Something I felt was a little brave, as surely you would save that for last? They said thats the only song they would be playing form the first EP, again a bold move from act that has probably around an hour of music at best. I thought they’re peaking a bit early. Then they played all their new stuff in one long amazing live show, 4/4 beats, putting reverb on the cello and adding their funky bass and guitar licks to the beat. Something I was not expecting at all.

This changed pace of sound was something I wasn’t expecting at all, me thinking they’d peaked to early had changed by the end and the show amazed me. Maybe the time they’ve spend playing festivals with a heavy electronic lineup has influenced them.

I’m excited to see how the new EP sounds recorded.




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