Gig Review: Percolate’s 4th Birthday in London.

On Friday I had the pleasure of going to Percolates 4th birthday at Oval Space.

I got to club half way through Krywald & Farrer’s set of slow groovy house, although hearing nothing of their latest persies releases was a little disappointing. Maybe I missed them play them, but surely they’d save them for last?

Anyway I wasn’t really there for them, although I like their productions. I was more interested in Leon Vynehall and Jeremy Underground. As I haven’t seen Vynehall since the release of his album ‘Rojus’ and Jeremy Underground was on top form at Dimensions.

Vynehall’s set weaved through the realms of house, techno and disco. With certain tracks making the crowd go nuts like Pearson Sounds ‘XLB’ and sing-alongs with Stardust’s ‘The Music Sounds Better With You’ his set was truly amazing. I thought things would stay more house bound, but he proved otherwise.

Jeremy Underground played last, and it’s probably the worst time I’ve seen him. He just played things very safe only sticking to house most of the night. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a little bit upsetting when this is a DJ who has a mad collection of Modern Soul, Disco and Latin tracks, which I really wanted to hear.

They should have switched around Leon and Jeremy.


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