Gig Review: Sampha at Electric Brixton

On Monday I had the pleasure of seeing Sampha for the first time.

After missing out on tickets for his other show at Corsica Studios, I was glad when he announced he’d be doing more. With support from Kesley Lu, that made it even better.

Unfortunately I missed Kesley Lu, because the queue to get in was insanely long, even when everyone had tickets, really gutting. Even more annoying was Sampha coming on late, but never mind. He started with a new track from his forthcoming album ‘Process’ and it sounded brilliant. I didn’t expect anything less as his last two singles were amazing. The set was a nice blend of his early solo work from his ‘Dual’ EP and the live band work on his new record. When the lights went solid red for his latest single ‘Blood On Me’ was a particular highlight and ‘Too Much’ had the crowed singing their hearts out as much as Sampha. The live band was great; I got to see Kesley Lu in the end as she was on cello and beats. I’ll just have to see her on her own at some other point.

I’m very excited to hear how ‘Process’ sounds recorded.


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