Gig Review: Nilufer Yanya and Cosmo Pyke at Blue Flowers

On Sunday I was invited by a friend to go to one of the Blue Flowers gigs over in West London, and boy was it good!

Blue Flowers is gig night and label for those of you that don’t know, they release some great music.

I met my friend at around 7 in The George IV in Chiswick and I followed the signs to take us to where Blue Flowers is held. We sat outside and had a chat, and then it was time to go in.

The bouncer opened to the door to let us in and from there it was like I thrown back in time, to a jazz club in the 50s in the middle against the wall was a tiny stage and tables all around the stage dimly light by candle light and chandeliers hanging above, it looked amazing! It also sounded amazing; the sound in that tiny space was perfect. If you wouldn’t even know that rooms was there, as you can hear nothing outside.

We came in for first act Cosmo Pyke, I only heard his Single ‘Social Sites’ the other week. His hazy, dreamy guitar flowed throughout the venue giving the room a warm feeling, to counteract the cold outside.

Headline act Nilufer Yanya was after with an amazing band behind her. The saxophonist sounding like Stan Getz. Giving the venue that full jazz club feeling. You can link Yanya’s sound to something along the lines of Daughter in some of her tracks. My personal favourite ‘Keep On Calling’ sounded fantastic live with the added sax.

I’ll defiantly be seeing both acts again.


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