Gig Review: Jonwayne at The Jazz Cafe

On Thursday night I had the pleasure of seeing Jonwayne for the second time.

Jonwayne Californian beat maker and rapper finished a short European tour recently in support of his second album ‘Rap Album Two’ out now via Authors his own label. In the tour he played two sold out shows at the Jazz Café and I was lucky enough to get tickets to the first show, which then ended up being the second.

He came out to the start of his track ‘LIVE From The Fuck You’ which had the crowed laughing away. His set was a mixture of material from ‘Rap Album One’, ‘Jonwayne Is Retired’ EP, the singles he released across 2016, and of course ‘Rap Album Two’. Particular highlights being ‘That’s OK’, ‘Dirty Dan’, ‘Wonka’ and ‘Out Of Sight’. He also read out some personal poetry too, which was a refreshing to hear at a gig.

I could just talk about the songs all night but you know they’re already brilliant. But if you didn’t know when recording ‘Rap Album Two’ he did each song in one take to keep the album flow perfect. This came through when seeing him his delivery was perfect. Its like you’re actually in the studio and he’s recording the album live. He captivates his audience and he really makes you feel like it’s just you and him.

He’s my favourite rapper working at the moment, his beats are on point and his lyrics are real and getting to hear them live again was such a special moment maybe even greater than the first. Although the first time seeing him at The Soup Kitchen in Manchester he did come out in the crowd and rapped around everyone.

Thanks Jon.


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