Club Night: The Hydra at Printworks

I finally got to attend Printworks on Saturday for The Hydra’s second instalment featuring an all-star line-up consisting of Willow, Antal, Jeremy Underground, Motor City Drum Ensemble and DJ Koze. Althought I didn’t get to see Antal or Willow, something I’m a bit gutted about.

I got into the building at around 15:45 and it just felt really weird because it was still light outside but when fully inside its fine as it feels like night time, unless your mates want to go for a fag then everything throws you off again and it just seems odd.

I spent almost all the day in room 1 seeing Jeremy Underground do this thing blending in 90s house records with disco and soul records his set was a lot better than when I saw him at Oval Space. In his set the lights I’d heard so much about got into full swing and they are ridiculous some of the best I’ve ever seen. With the rigging moving in all kinds of directions throughout the old press hall. MCDE had the crowed dancing to an incredible set of house, disco and Brazilian music mixed perfectly of course, the man is amazing selector and also an amazing DJ and normally you either get one of the other but he does both perfectly. DJ Koze headlined weaving into a more dance based set full of house and techno and his own productions, while he might have played it safe sticking to those genres the music in his set was incredible and mixed flawlessly. It’s probably the best set I’ve seen this year so far, and him ending the night on his Operator remix was truly a amazing experience having the whole hall sing along to every word!

One of the only let downs I had with the venue is where you stand. As the left and right side of the press hall are beneath an upper floor so you can’t really see the light show so everyone tries to get in the middle to see it. Also the lights might be too good as some of the night I lost track of the music and just kept looking at the amazing lighting.

It was very strange going home and seeing people just starting to go out.


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