New Music: Denis Sulta ‘Nein Fortiate’

‘Nine Fortiate’ by Denis Sulta is FINALLY being released after it being a used in his Fact mix and being played heavily on the DJ circuit.

Its being released on Sulta’s new imprint Sulta Selects.

Put under, wobbly playful synth monster.

‘Nien Fortiate’ is out 11th November via Sulta Selects.


New Music: Four Tet & Champion

Four Tet finally released the tune he’s been playing out for a while now and I slept on it and now the vinyl has sold out, great! It sees Four Tet team back up with Champion.

The first tracks ‘Flip Side’ is a snythy garage belter that will have you singing along for days after. The other track ‘Disparate’ is very different and is very tribal/bass music track again with oozy synths and tropical sounds!

Get this if you can!

Its out now via Four Tet’s Text Records.

Mix: Four Tet’s Dekmantel Set

So Dekmantel have only gone and done the nicest thing and have put up Four Tet’s set from a few weeks back as their lastest podcast, and its typical Four Tet brilliance, the set weaves it way though Indian Music, Techno, Garage, Grime, House and Disco. It makes me wish I went now!

New Music: Bicep ‘Just’ EP

So Bicep have released a new EP on Aus ahead of their XOYO residence. The new EP called ‘Just’ is the best stuff i’ve heard from them in a while. The EP contains 3 different tracks. The first track is ‘Just’ hence the EP name. ‘Just’ is a 8bit snare and kicks filled track, what becomes louder and better with each passing second. Second track ‘Celeste’ is delicious African percussion layered with dream piano keys and a vocal which follows throughout. Imagine your on an island its 6am in the morning when the sun is rising and everyone is still moving! Its so fucking good! Final track ‘Back 2 U’ Takes things back to a 2am dancefloor cut its filled with fast drums.

You can listen to the EP below its so so so good, go get the whole EP, my vinyl came today!

New Music: Adesse Versions ‘Pride’

Okay, so every year there a couple of dance music records which start making the DJ rounds at the start of the year. So when summer comes everyone knows them and starts singing or dancing their hearts out to these select few tracks. Sometimes the tracks never get a release and sometimes they do! When they do I personally love it because now I can listen to that track when ever I want and love it just as much as the first time I heard it.

So I few at the start of March I finally went to Fabric, and it was very special and something i’ll always remember, mostly because it was amazing then also because I got a bit of ear wax lodged deep in my ear and couldn’t hear for a week (fucking annoying) the lineup was Hessle Audio (Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangea) with special guest Jackmaster! one of my favourite DJs and he played a song tried Shazam nothing, so I filmed it! (something I hate to do, but this track was to good to miss) It had this evil bass line and super catchy vocal throughout with these dark chords just owning the whole track.

Then a few weeks after he announced the track would be coming out on Numbers (his label) and it was called Adesse Versions ‘Pride’ its a killer track that everyone should hear. Its out now, vinyl only though, you can listen below!

Mix: A Correlate Mix by Leo Saunders

Okay, so basically me and few friends are starting our own club night, full of music we love! Its called Correlate and we’ve all decided to do a couple of mixes each to showcase are mixing skills and here is my first one. Think Innervision and Tale Of Us vibes, smooth flowing and all that, check it out!