May 2017

I’m posting my May playlist a few days early. Throughout the month we got a lot of new dance releases with new music from Patrice Baumel on Afterlife, new Mano Le Tough, Pearson Sound, Forest Swords, and the fantastic new Shanti Celeste release on Idle Hands which is sure to be a highlight of the year when end of year lists roll in. We also had new music from Mount Kimbie and Royal Blood.


Mix: Bruce’s Fact Mix 590

Bruce has only gone and done the latest Fact mix.

It follows on from his release on Helmlock ‘Before You Sleep’ which came out earlier in the month, if you haven’t checked it, I strongly recommend you do!

Bruce’s mix for fact is a hour long journey through the musical realms of IDM, techno, and left field dance music. The mix has songs from Overmono and Pepe Bradock.


New Music: Space Dimension Controller ‘Exostack’

Space Dimension Controller returns with new music.

After witnessing his killer set at Dimensions I was really excited to see what SDC would put out next. So I’m happy to announce that he is releasing a new music via R&S again.

New track ‘Exostack’ is a groovy dance hit oozing spacey cosmic synths, this one will certainly rock dance floors over. The release also has a remix by Kornél Kovács and a track titled ‘Biopan’

‘Exostack’ is out via R&S 31st March.


New Music: Dark Sky ‘Kilter’

Okay, Wednesday needs to calm down!

Today its been announced that Dark Sky will be releasing their second LP again on Monkeytown Records titled ‘Othona’ saying the album will be a blend of “contemporary techno, classic electronica and their roots in British bass music”.

Before ‘Othona’ is released they’ll also be releasing a single ‘Kilter/Acacia”. Kilter has recently been a staple in Bicep’s shows.

Also today Tale Of Us have announced their debut album ‘Endless’ being released on Deutsche Grammophon. The album will be a mix of “electronic synthesis with classical, ambient and film score music”

‘Othona’ will be released 7th April with ‘Kilter/Acacia’ coming before on 17th March both on Monkeytown.

‘Endless’ will be out 31st March via Deutsche Grammophon.

Album Review: Bonobo ‘Migration’


I haven’t done a full album review in about a year now. But I feel the new Bonobo record truly deserves one.

On Friday one of my all time favourite producers Bonobo released his sixth record Migration. His music is magical, complex, and emotional and its influences are vast, it’s perfect. So when news came out about Migration I was very excited.

In short the record is breath taking, I need to give it a few more listens to see it rivals Black Sands. But it looks like it might. Opening track ‘Migration’ is an emotional jazzy electronic journey, featuring Jon Hopkins on keys. It starts of the album great. Something to already note is the twists and turns in this record, as ‘Break Apart’ floats in, its full of hazy, dreamy chimes and percussion, and Rhye’s vocals are the cherry on the cake. ‘Outlier’ takes things more to the dance floor, this track was made for the DJ sets Bonobo has been playing ever since he stopped live touring The North Boarders and it’s a great direction, key influences on this track being Four Tet, but giving them that Bonobo edge. I’m excited to hear the remixes for this track. ‘Second Sun’ sounds like something label mates Cinematic Orchestra would make, I first heard clips of this on Bonobo’s Instagram and I knew it would be one of my favourites, its so dense and complex it made me cry. ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’ influences are furthest on Migration the blend of African and dance music in this track is astonishing. ‘Kerala’ and keeps things dance based, with a more garage feel, packed with harps. ‘Ontario’ is the almighty blend of all Bonobo’s albums in one track, from the trip hop beat taken to heavier heights, to the squelchy bubbling synths, horns and sitar. You wont forget this track any time soon. ‘No Reason’ is a slow builder featuring vocals from Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker. It again takes things electronic again, but it’s the perfect fit after ‘Ontario’. Final track ‘Figures’ is a sample filled dream; with nods to acts like Mount Kimbie but still keeping that Bonobo feeling we all love.

It’s clear when you listen to this record that Bonobo’s time on the DJ circuit has influenced this album a lot. Some older fans may not appreciate this change in pace, which is understandable. But of course an act has to evolve they can’t sit in the same pond their whole career, which would be even worse. Bonobo may gain a whole new fan base with this record, with its dance edge. But what this album does give us is an exciting change of pace, while still keeping the complexity of older albums, and in these complexities and emotional tracks, is hopefully what a new fan base picks out and makes them want to go backwards in Bonobo’s catalogue, to find the less electronic gems but equally as beautiful.


Key Tracks: ‘Migration’ ‘Outlier’ ‘Second Sun’ ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’ ‘Ontario’ and ‘Figures’

New Music: Clouds ‘Peder Skram’

Clouds have released their first piece of music in 2017 as part of a compilation on Opal Tapes.

The compilation titled ‘Contemporary Dance’ is an 18-track album spanning the realms of well, contemporary dance. So from techno, house, IDM and electronica it’s basically all there. There’s some amazing track on the release with the likes of ‘Cue Two’ by Cop Envy and ‘X’ by XDCVR.

But my personal favourite on the release is the dark fast techno roller by Clouds tilted ‘Peder Skram’ its great, fully of dark heavy industrial sounds.

I’m also putting in ‘Cue Two’ as its also needs to be heard.


2016 An Usually Awful Year With A Great Soundtrack

2016 is almost over, good! What a weird year it’s been, so much awful stuff has happened. Of course awful things happen all the time. But 2016 was the awful gift that kept on giving. I’m not even going to remind you all what happened, as I’m pretty sure you all want to forget.

BUT throughout this awful we’ve had some amazing music to keep us all going. So it’s not all bad is it? I’ve compiled a playlist of my favourite tracks from this year.


A few extra tracks that aren’t on Spotify.