New Music: Seb Wildblood ‘Coconut Oil’

Seb Wildblood is releasing new music.

His new track comes on the next limited series on the Bristol based label Banoffee Pies. It follows on from a string of releases via his own label Church and SW. Limited Series 05 will also feature music from Tell, Jon Sable, and Matt Saint Will.

‘Coconut Oil’ is another heavenly jazzy house ballad from Wildblood, perfect from the warming months for when you’re out in the sun.

Banoffee Pies Limited Series 05 should be out around May 22nd, keep your eyes peeled.


New Music: Project Pablo ‘Morning Shift’

Project Pablo is releasing new music.

The producer is releasing new music via San Francisco label Spring Theory, who has previous released music from Avalon Emerson and Sage Caswell.

This is Project Pablo’s latest release following on from a string of releases on Royal Oak and Sounds Of Beaubien Quest. ‘Morning Shift’ is a dreamy house jam with a heavenly sax following throughout, perfect for them upcoming warmer months!

‘Morning Shift’ will be released as part of a four track EP titled ‘Scented Trip’ out 17th March via Spring Theory.

New Music: Steve Lacy ‘Dark Red’

Another member of The Internet looks like they’re going to release a solo album.

Steve Lacy the guitarist from The Internet has posted a new track on Soundcloud titled ‘Dark Red’ its also got the number three in front of it. Could it be the third track from an album?

‘Dark Red’ it’s self is more hazy, dreamy guitar laid RnB following on from other songs like ‘Some’ and “C U Girl’.

Album Review: Bonobo ‘Migration’


I haven’t done a full album review in about a year now. But I feel the new Bonobo record truly deserves one.

On Friday one of my all time favourite producers Bonobo released his sixth record Migration. His music is magical, complex, and emotional and its influences are vast, it’s perfect. So when news came out about Migration I was very excited.

In short the record is breath taking, I need to give it a few more listens to see it rivals Black Sands. But it looks like it might. Opening track ‘Migration’ is an emotional jazzy electronic journey, featuring Jon Hopkins on keys. It starts of the album great. Something to already note is the twists and turns in this record, as ‘Break Apart’ floats in, its full of hazy, dreamy chimes and percussion, and Rhye’s vocals are the cherry on the cake. ‘Outlier’ takes things more to the dance floor, this track was made for the DJ sets Bonobo has been playing ever since he stopped live touring The North Boarders and it’s a great direction, key influences on this track being Four Tet, but giving them that Bonobo edge. I’m excited to hear the remixes for this track. ‘Second Sun’ sounds like something label mates Cinematic Orchestra would make, I first heard clips of this on Bonobo’s Instagram and I knew it would be one of my favourites, its so dense and complex it made me cry. ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’ influences are furthest on Migration the blend of African and dance music in this track is astonishing. ‘Kerala’ and keeps things dance based, with a more garage feel, packed with harps. ‘Ontario’ is the almighty blend of all Bonobo’s albums in one track, from the trip hop beat taken to heavier heights, to the squelchy bubbling synths, horns and sitar. You wont forget this track any time soon. ‘No Reason’ is a slow builder featuring vocals from Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker. It again takes things electronic again, but it’s the perfect fit after ‘Ontario’. Final track ‘Figures’ is a sample filled dream; with nods to acts like Mount Kimbie but still keeping that Bonobo feeling we all love.

It’s clear when you listen to this record that Bonobo’s time on the DJ circuit has influenced this album a lot. Some older fans may not appreciate this change in pace, which is understandable. But of course an act has to evolve they can’t sit in the same pond their whole career, which would be even worse. Bonobo may gain a whole new fan base with this record, with its dance edge. But what this album does give us is an exciting change of pace, while still keeping the complexity of older albums, and in these complexities and emotional tracks, is hopefully what a new fan base picks out and makes them want to go backwards in Bonobo’s catalogue, to find the less electronic gems but equally as beautiful.


Key Tracks: ‘Migration’ ‘Outlier’ ‘Second Sun’ ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’ ‘Ontario’ and ‘Figures’

New Music: Ben Hauke ‘I Kinda Missed It’

Ben Hauke has a release forthcoming on Church, and boy is it sounding great.

First track from the four track EP is available to listen too titled ‘I Kinda Missed It’ featuring Joe Armon-Jones on keys. The track is one genre-blending journey, featuring a luscious double bass that evolves into a break number, only to slowly progress with a pitched up soulful sample, then scattered with keys and horns. It’s truly amazing.

File under, very groovy jazzy break house.

Ben Hauke’s “Rough, Ready, Steady EP” is going to be released on 20th of January via Church.

New Music: Gabriel Garzón-Montano ‘Crawl’

Gabriel Garzón-Montano has released his next single ‘Crawl’ before his debut LP ‘Jardin’ drops on 27th January.

‘Crawl’ follows from other two singles ‘Sour Mango’ and ‘The Game’. Personally ‘Crawl’ is my favourite so far, it sounds like it could have been on his EP carrying over them soulful sounds.

The album is already shaping to be one of the highlights of 2017 and we aren’t even two weeks in yet.

New Music: The XX ‘Say Something Loving’


Happy New Year! 

After a nice Christmas break of eating and drinking far to much i’m back at the blogging. 

First track of the year is The XX’s second single ‘Say Something Loving’ from their upcoming third album ‘I See You’. The latest single is definitely their most upbeat and least depressing, it starts with a killer sample that melts into the track, and it’s a nice change of direction. It’s just what we need to start off the year.

‘I See You’ is out 13th January via Young Turks.